MapQuest, Mobile App

I led the redesign of the MapQuest native apps for iOS and Android. We focused on letting our urban users compare their many options for getting around (i.e. Uber, Public Transit, Bike-Share, etc). Iterations supporting public transit in more markets and will continue over the next months and years. Available now: Android App & iOS App.

High-Fidelity Wireframes

Concept Storyboard

MyDenver, Mobile-First Site

As a contract designer for EffectiveUI, I led the design of a mobile-first website for the City and County of Denver to make government services more accessible for a growing connected city. Renamed before launch, it is available now: pocketgov denver.

Conceptual Wireframes

Annotated Wireframes

RHR International, Visual Report

RHR is the firm for succession planning in Fortune 50 companies. As they were rolling out a new service to screen broader talent segments, they were interested in a more visual way to represent their analysis which is largely qualitative. For a pilot test, I designed and built an Excel spreadsheet that exports a multi-page, polished PDF with information visualization. Tests were successful!

Report Images

Rotowire, Mock Draft

Extending the Rotowire style guide to dovetail with iOS7, this app is designed for professionals, athletes and fans to track information leading up to the NFL Draft. Design consulting, prototyping and app redesign for Rotowire. Available now: Mock Draft 2014.

App Images

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Think Impact, Unleesh

App redesign for Unleesh, Think Impact’s digital workbook and scrapbook for use in all their immersive, educational travel experiences, worldwide. Actual PDF template, also shown.

App Images

Innovator Book Template, PDF

GoJoe, App Design

The GoJoe start-up initially sought to better serve the relationship between athletic trainers and their clients by providing manageable, high-touch communication to improve motivation for clients who choose to workout at home or when traveling. We began the engagement by writing user narratives, and illustrating these stories via medium-fidelity app wireframes.

UX Study Deliverables, PDF

Rotowire, Draft Kit

Design consulting, prototyping and app redesign for Rotowire. Shortly after the app redesign, their premium iPhone App rose the App Store charts to #1 for paid sports apps: Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2013.

Redesign Images

UX Study Deliverables, PDFs

WOW Website Strategy

While under contract from The1stMovement, I redesigned the user experience for rapidly-expanding internet, cable and phone provider WOW. Below is an excerpt from one interaction design deliverable, annotated, low-fidelity wireframes.

Interaction Design Deliverable, PDF

Valid Eval

As Director of Design for this start-up, I design and iterate based on user feedback and experience in-the-field. Valid Eval is an online evaluation system for organizations that make and defend tough decisions. It makes decision-making visible, outcomes defensible and feedback actionable.

Web Application Images

Marketing 4 Page Summary, PDF

Trimble, Construction Layout ROI Estimator

Construction Layout ROI estimator application designed for the iPad and tablets. Creative direction, Web Design, 3rd Party Integration, and Front-End Web Development.

iPad Application Images